If I could live inside these paper pages…

27 Feb

If you are anything like me, then you’ll know the feeling of falling so madly, head-over-heels in love with a book that you want to just step inside it and stay a while. I often find myself slipping off into fantasy land (which can include anything from a Pharaoh’s Palace to Hogwarts Castle, or rural Scotland in the 1700’s…to name just a few). I wanted to create a blog where I could talk about and share the wonderful experience of reading and where I could gather materials (supplementary shall we say?) to draw a more tangible picture of the book and bring it to life.

Though I am a fan of book clubs in the sense that you get to share a reading expeirience with a group of people AND have someone else to talk to about it (it’s just the worst when you don’t!) I also find that they can be too constircting. As a full-time young mom with two media-related jobs, I often don’t have all the time I would like to be able to read. So when I do, I don’t want to read something that I’m just not interested in. Maybe I’m being stubborn (okay, probably) but the idea of ‘required reading’ is what always bumbed me out in school. It just takes the fun out of it for me, to have to keep up even when you’re not at all intersted. My dad has the amazing quality of being able to finish a book, no matter what, but I on the other hand, am way more picky/impatient. I’m by no means bashing book clubs; in fact, I think they can be great and I’ve always wanted to start one.

Which leads me to…why I’m starting this blog. Not necissarly to review books (there are plenty of great blogs and websites already that do that) and not really a book club but…kind of? I really just want a place where I can share and store information collected from around the web pertaining to the real-life (if the situation calls for it) world of the books I read. It will be a work in progress to better understand historical context, art, characters and the world of reading that makes each reader experience unique. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave me any tips you have for improvement!




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