Focus on…Canaletto

27 Feb
Giovanni Antonio Canal or Canaletto, was a very famous painter during the 18th century. He was known mostly for his breath-taking landscapes of Venice, his hometown.
He began his career as a theatrical scene painter- a skill that would last his whole career as he began to paint landscapes. He had a unique ability to capture not only the look of a place but also the soul of it; the ways that people moved through the space creating the heartbeat of the town.
Though he did some traveling in his life, he much preferred Venice to any other city and most of his works reflect this love.
Canaletto was different from other painters of the time in that he prefered to paint from what he actually saw as opposed to conjuring images form memory in a studio. He would sit perched high up on his balcony, over-looking the bustling streets and canals of Venice. It was from this almost areal vantage point that some of his finest works were created. Take a look at them below!

Return of the Bucentoro to the Molo on Ascension Day, 1732

St.Mark’s Square, Venice
St. Paul’s Cathedral overlooking The Thames
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
Venice Harbor
Aren’t these paintings like a window into the past? Do you love them as much as I do?

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